Snooki's Cellphone Gets Hacked, Naked Pictures Get Leaked, Eyeballs Get…

Someone has allegedly hacked into the cellphone of the beautiful Snooki, the elegant lady who is the beacon of good taste and faithful love in a show called Jersey Shore, the epitome of modern American values. Surprisingly enough, the hacker found naked pictures of her, which obviously were taken by coercion. » 6/10/12 2:07pm 6/10/12 2:07pm

iPhone App Store Games Hacked - All Apps Hackable

Click to viewApple's Fairplay DRM, which protects all the applications you download from iTunes, has been hacked. The method for hacking this has actually been around for a while, but has been recently applied to Super Monkey Ball and distributed into the wild. To do this, you'll need a jailbroken iPhone and SSH… » 7/28/08 3:44pm 7/28/08 3:44pm

Hacked Region-Free Blu-ray Players For Sale

While Sony was smart enough to make PS3 games region-free, they still insisted on putting those pesky regional restrictions on Blu-ray discs. Now Blu-ray Mods is selling a modified player that can run all of the world's Blu-ray films and still accept firmware updates. A turnkey hacked Panasonic DMP-BD30, their system… » 6/26/08 12:10pm 6/26/08 12:10pm