So Many Stones Fell in Last Night's Freak Hail Storm, They Flooded This …

A Class 3 Kill-Storm tore through the greater Denver area last night, knocking down trees with heavy winds and rain, demolishing vehicle windshields with golf ball-sized hail, and no less than six separate tornado sightings. Welcome to June in our new globally warmed future! [Buzzfeed - Image: @CrazyJon85 / » 6/07/12 2:00pm 6/07/12 2:00pm

This Dallas Baseball-Sized Hail Can Kill You (Updated With Video)

This is amazing. We knew that baseball-sized hail was falling in Dallas, now under heavy beating by tornadoes, but look at these things. And look at that car! If these balls of ice hit you on the head, you are dead. » 4/03/12 4:23pm 4/03/12 4:23pm