R.E.M Spring Will Remove Unwanted Hairs Lubricated By Your Tears

Good lord that looks painful—but the folks behind the R.E.M Spring hair removal tool claim that it can remove unwanted hair by the root without irritation. » 4/08/09 3:20pm 4/08/09 3:20pm

How to Turn Your Body Into a Hairless Wonderland With Gadgets: Part 2

In our first hairless wonderland feature, we took a look at how you could rid your entire body of hair using three simple gadgets. The Mangroomer, the Flowbee and the Philips Bodygroom allow you to make sure your back, head and crotchular regions are free of any unslightly plumage. But what about the most important… » 12/24/07 12:01pm 12/24/07 12:01pm