Christian Group to Save Haitians With Solar-Powered Bibles

Joining Travolta's Scientology humanitarian effort to capture as many mind prisoners as possible, a Christian group is sending an army of Proclaimers to Haiti. Proclaimers are solar-powered audio bibles, which could assemble into a giant robot to destroy the scientologists. » 1/20/10 11:37am 1/20/10 11:37am

T-Mobile Waives International Call Charges To and From Haiti

There's been tons of great tech-related charitable news this week, and here's a little more: As of last Thursday, T-Mobile USA has waived all international calls to and from Haiti. The program will last until January 31. Every little bit helps, and if you haven't donated yet, it's as easy as texting HAITI to 90999. [ » 1/17/10 4:30pm 1/17/10 4:30pm

Haiti Text Message Donations Top $10 Million

Faced with an "unprecedented mobile response," mGive and the Red Cross have collected over $10 million in relief for Haiti. With text donations pouring in at a rate of 10,000 a second, and average donations of $10 automatically charged to phone bills of mobile users, mGive's system has proved essential for those looking… » 1/16/10 8:40am 1/16/10 8:40am