HAL: The Do-Gooder Exo-Suit With the Really Evil Name

While it's a shame that the Fukushima disaster could well have been prevented, you can only dwell on the past for so long. If Japan is to move on from this disaster, the Fukushima facility must come down. But how does one disassemble such a highly radioactive structure? One research team hopes the solution involves… » 10/22/12 11:30am 10/22/12 11:30am

Why Wolfram Alpha Not Becoming a Google Killer Turned Out to be a Good…

The Guardian has a great article about Wolfram Alpha and Stephen Wolfram, the genius behind it. Turns out, his dream was never to kill Google (back in '93, Sergey Brin worked for Wolfram!) but rather try to create the science fiction people once dreamt of (think HAL). » 2/14/11 11:00am 2/14/11 11:00am

Haleron iLet Mini HAL Is a Modest Tablet With a Modest Price

If the iPad seems extravagant and the JooJoo's sordid past turns you off, the 7" Mini HAL might be up your alley. It's no powerhouse, but at least you'll be able to say you own a tablet. Updated. Scam alert! » 2/27/10 4:00pm 2/27/10 4:00pm

Me and My Exoskeleton: The Trick to Super Strength

When I first see the Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC), it is hanging limply from the ceiling by a strap attached to its neck, dangling over a treadmill. I can't wait to try it on. » 11/11/09 12:00pm 11/11/09 12:00pm

HAL Robo-Suit Exoskeleton Hits the Streets of Tokyo

Remember that HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) exoskeleton from the real-life Cyberdyne? Ahead of plans to rent the suit to those with mobility issues (or Iron Man fantasies), it's now being tested on the streets of Tokyo. Here's the video: » 9/10/09 7:15am 9/10/09 7:15am

Timbuk2 HAL Backpack Review: Pockets for Laptops (and Contraband)

I'm pretty square, fashion-wise. I own few intentionally ironic t-shirts, and fewer skinny jeans. Buchanan bags on my style choices regularly. That's why, when he ordered me to ditch my old backpack, I picked Timbuk2's new HAL. » 7/22/09 2:30pm 7/22/09 2:30pm

Timbuk2's Hemlock and Q Backpacks Have Swing Around Easy Access to Your…

I haven't carried a Boy Scout backpack in years, but the laptop feature in Timbuk2's latest sounds great: The sleeve is sideloading, meaning you can pull out your laptop without busting open your whole bag and spilling crap everywhere. » 7/03/09 9:00am 7/03/09 9:00am

Mass Production Planned For HAL Exoskeleton; Your Personal Iron Man…

Products like the Human Assistive Limb exoskeleton have a frustrating tendency to remain in the labs and universities that spawned them, usually for reasons of impracticality or cost. But this one is going mainstream. » 4/10/09 5:57am 4/10/09 5:57am

Just One of the Guys!

A T-600 Terminator poses in this fantastic buddy shot, alongside T4 director McG and Professor/HAL exoskeleton creator Yoshiyuki Sankai. No remains were found. [Impress] » 3/24/09 11:30am 3/24/09 11:30am

HAL 9000 Papercraft Will, At Some Point, Cut You

We know. He certainly looks cute and harmless. But sooner or later, the HAL 9000 (freely printable papercraft version) could get a small, unintentional dent in the side. "I'll just toss him in the shredder for another," you say out of earshot from the harmless little paper computer. Or so you thought... [ Mr. Hal 9000 » 11/24/08 4:00pm 11/24/08 4:00pm

NASA Working On a Robotic Space Psychologist, Astronauts in Grave Danger

NASA is set to begin work next month in Boston on a four-year, $1.74 million project called the Virtual Space Station. The project is supposed to create a program that can independently counsel depressed astronauts by supplying solutions to their typed insecurities. AP writer Jay Lindsay insists that it's nothing like… » 10/25/08 7:00pm 10/25/08 7:00pm

LaCie 5Big is Slightly Less Infamous Than HAL 9000

We doubt that the LaCie 5big Network storage array will one day spontaneously become self-aware and take over your office, but the visual nod to HAL is unmistakable nevertheless. And on purpose. Designer Neil Poulton said he created the array thanks to inspiration from the supercomputer at the heart of 2001: A Space… » 10/12/08 12:30pm 10/12/08 12:30pm

HAL Robot Exoskeletons Available for Rent

The day for you to strap yourself into a robotic exoskeleton and fight crime the way your normally flabby limbs would never have let you has come! Cyberdyne, the Japanese company responsible for the HAL (hybrid assistive limb) » 10/07/08 11:10pm 10/07/08 11:10pm prototype robot suit, is starting rentals . The price for being superhuman: about $2,200.…

Rent Your Own HAL Exoskeleton For The Low, Low Price of $1000!

Are you a feeble, pasty pansy? For the low price of $1000 a month, you could overcome your physical limitations with a HAL exoskeleton from Cyberdyne. While HAL prototypes have been around for a few years now, Cyberdyne has just begun building a lab that will mass produce 400-500 of the suits per year starting this… » 4/17/08 2:30pm 4/17/08 2:30pm

Hal the Robot Hamster Loves Dancing to Styx, Sniffing Stuff

Hal is no ordinary hamster. While other hamsters find themselves confined to the dancing gifs of 1990s novelty websites, Hal has grown into an autonomous force of the entertainment world. Dancing to Styx' Mr. Roboto on command, Hal is recommended as a loyal companion in all environments not including pod bay doors. » 4/08/08 9:41am 4/08/08 9:41am