CERN's 'Gordon Freeman' Employee Receives Crowbar, Starts Murdering

Do you remember that photo of the Large Hadron Collider »11/21/08 1:00pm11/21/08 1:00pm that showed an employee looking suspiciously like 's Gordon Freeman? The clowns over at Reddit sent him a crowbar, a headcrab and a book, allowing him to go to town on the alien infestation. The very happy alien infestation, by the looks of that photo. See him in…

Geiger Counter PC Casemod Looks Good In Places That Can Kill You

This Russian Geiger Counter casemod (technically an Ion Detector) won't let you know if you're standing waist deep in nuclear radiation, but flick the power switch and the meter jumps to life, letting you know the relatively weak CPU housed inside is working properly. As for the specs inside the box, there's a 300 MHz… »6/21/08 9:00pm6/21/08 9:00pm

Trakonya Mutator Force Feedback Device Makes You Pay for Bad Gaming Skills

The Trakonya Mutator attaches to a gamer's wrist and will then shock said gamer if they screw up in-game. The device only functions with Unreal Tournament for now, but wider support is in the pipe works; next stop? Half Life—nice. We can think of a ton of games this type of self inflicted punishment would work well… »3/27/08 5:30am3/27/08 5:30am