A Cheaper Non-Hovering Hoverboard Prop That Doesn't Feel Like a Rip-Off

Back in 2012 Mattel decided to toss Back to the Future II fans a futuristic bone in the form of a hoverboard replica that looked exactly like the one Marty McFly rode in the time-traveling sequel. The one feature it lacked, of course, was the ability to actually hover. That made its $130 price tag a little steep, but … »3/28/15 1:40pm3/28/15 1:40pm

Can You Predict What the Most Annoying Tech Halloween Costume Will Be This Year?

There are going to be a ton of contenders for the most annoying Halloween costume this year: Honey Boo Boo and Mama June. PSY. Paul Ryan pumping iron. Binders full of women. You already know. Anything that turns viral or comes close to becoming a meme is going to be a 'creative' costume come Halloween time. What do… »10/22/12 11:00pm10/22/12 11:00pm

This Year's Best Halloween Costume Is Cheap, Easy, and Awesome

Last year around this time, a NASA JPL engineer blew us away with a Halloween costume that used two iPads to create the illusion of a gaping hole in his chest. Cool, if you could afford two iPads. For the 99 percent of us that couldn't, he promised that his 2012 costume would be equally awesome and infinitely more… »10/03/12 11:30am10/03/12 11:30am

Farty Pants Won't Make Your Pants Go Toot Toot Toot

Somebody went to a lot of trouble to handmake these Farty Pants, and the story behind this sewing mastery is a mystery. However, we'd much rather look at a visual representation of said emissions than actually experience them in an aural or olfactory sense. Anyway, this unusual garment might make a splendid Halloween… »8/21/07 12:45pm8/21/07 12:45pm