Perfect Halo Plasma Rifle Replicas Prove the Covenant Has the Best Toys

Few of us have the necessary skills (or tools) needed to build our own replica props, but with enough disposable income that can be easily overcome. Triforce's upcoming full-scale Plasma rifle replica from Halo 2: Anniversary Edition might cost $600, but it's a perfect hand-painted imitation that looks like it was… » 11/18/14 9:04am 11/18/14 9:04am

Microsoft's Xbox Live Consolation Prize for Depressed Halo 2 Fanboys

Helloooo, sad people still clinging to Halo 2 on your original Xbox. As you know, Xbox Live for the OG Xbox is being turned off in 6 short weeks. Microsoft feels bad kinda about it! So they're giving you 400 Xbox Live points and 3 free months of Xbox Live to join the rest of us here in the present. And! And a Halo:… » 3/05/10 10:18am 3/05/10 10:18am