Portland celebrates another safe year for cyclists, Hamburg goes car-free, San Francisco rents its curbs to tech buses, Houston's got some wacky architecture, and L.A. is the city of the future—or a city in decline? It's all in this week's Urban Reads. » 1/13/14 2:41pm 1/13/14 2:41pm

These Apartments Grow Their Own A/C

A newly completed 15-unit apartment building in Hamburg Germany is already turning heads. Though, with a facade covered in sun-tracking algae tanks, it's hard not to stare. » 4/12/13 2:40pm 4/12/13 2:40pm

The World's Largest Model Railroad Adds the World's Largest Model…

With expansions planned all the way to 2020, the world's largest model railroad just opened its latest addition: a 1,600-square-foot model airport, chock full of tiny aircraft support vehicles, hangers, terminals, and passengers. » 11/30/11 7:20pm 11/30/11 7:20pm

Fanboys Stick It to Apple By Sticking a Windows Logo On an Apple Store

You have to hand it to them for going ahead with the prank, but is Windows fanboyism this serious? Especially since they screwed up where the blue and green should be. Stupid. [Laughing Squid] » 6/05/11 6:00pm 6/05/11 6:00pm

Russian Billionaire Floats Above Economy In $350 Million Mega Yacht

Ironically, even in this economy, the title of world's largest yacht lasted less than a month, as Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich finally launched his record-setting 557-ft. megayacht "Eclipse" in Hamburg, Germany. » 6/14/09 3:00pm 6/14/09 3:00pm

World's Largest Model Is Bigger Than Your House

As I watched this video of the Miniatur Wunderland my mind went from mild amusement to surprising awe to absolute astonishment. At 11,840 square feet and fully computerized, the world's largest model defies belief: » 3/22/09 1:30am 3/22/09 1:30am

Xbox 360 Logo Spotted in 1697 UFO Sighting Sketch

I'd say that I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I'll be honest, I spotted this 1697 sketch while looking through a UFO conspiracy site. And as far as I'm concerned, it's clearly an ink rendition of two Xbox 360 logos floating in the sky. » 12/01/08 11:15am 12/01/08 11:15am

Hamburg Science Centre and Aquarium Makes Us Go Ooooooooo

The Office for Metropolitan Architecture has designed this stunning 247,569-square-foot Science Centre for the Hamburg Hafencity, which is part of the Hamburg harbor, one of the largest ports in the world. The stunning ring design is composed of 10 modular blocks, and it will include a science theater, aquarium,… » 1/29/08 7:12am 1/29/08 7:12am