Water-Resistant Wireless iPod Speaker Dock

Surprisingly, this is one accessory that my bathroom and shower have been needing for quite some time. This is a wireless water-resistant iPod dock that would be perfect for that bathroom, hot tub or swimming pool. As long as you put the iPod and dock somewhere dry, the separate speaker system can withstand getting… » 2/27/07 1:00pm 2/27/07 1:00pm

Web-based Exercise Machine Keeps You from Looking Like a Spaz

Nothing's more humbling than being at the gym and having some bulky meathead call you out for doing an exercise the wrong way (especially as you try to save face in front of the Shakira-like beauty on the treadmill in front of you). Well, that's where Hammacher's new Interactive Personal Trainer System comes in. This… » 2/21/07 11:22am 2/21/07 11:22am