Making a screw flush with the surface is like creating invisibility

When a screw sticks out on metal or isn't perfectly flush with the surface, an angel in heaven loses an eyeball. Or something like that. But fret not eyeballs of angels in heaven, people of Earth can make a screw completely flush. It's a lot of filing and sanding and hammering but eventually the screw disappears. »12/16/14 9:11pm12/16/14 9:11pm

Want to instantly shatter a car window? Just throw a tiny porcelain bit

If I had to pick a hammer or a tiny piece of porcelain to shatter a car window, I'd probably think nothing of it and grab the mallet. NatGeo proves me wrong. A little itty bitty piece of porcelain chipped off a spark plug does much more damage to a car window and is so much more easy to use too. Just chuck it at the… »2/21/14 2:01am2/21/14 2:01am

The Crovel Is the Only Multi-Tool Shovel You'll Ever Need

Like the Chinese military shovel before it, the Crovel is a multi-tool shovel that doubles as an axe, triples as a crowbar, quadruples as a hammer, and does even more. Bottle opener? Check. Saw? Come on, of course. Paracord grip? Uh, duh. The Crovel has thirteen different tools jam packed in its sexy body and each is… »5/02/11 6:40pm5/02/11 6:40pm

Craftsman Electric Hammer Automates the Process of Us Never Building Anything

Craftsman thought they had finally cornered the lazy-ass market with their 12V, lithium-rechargeable Hammerhead Auto-Hammer, but they made one fatal mistake: We're way too unindustrious to build anything with or without electronic gizmos to back us up. Still, we can appreciate the design as this miniature jackhammer… »11/13/08 2:50pm11/13/08 2:50pm

"World's Toughest Phone" Battered Live Online For Your Enjoyment

The folks at Sonim have done just about everything in their power to convince potential customers that their XP1 is the world's toughest phone. That includes running over it with cars and dunking it in beer baths »10/24/08 3:20pm10/24/08 3:20pm. Their latest stunt involves hitting in with a hammer 24/7 until it breaks—and you can watch the entire…

Razorba War Hammer Improves Back Hair Shaving, Is Called the War Hammer

How thick of a hair sweater do you need to have to need something called a War Hammer to shave off your back hair? Pretty thick, which is why Razorba improved their previous release with this War Hammer version, which holds more types of razors (Gillette Fusions are the most notable) than the predecessor. It's also… »3/10/08 3:30pm3/10/08 3:30pm

Exclusive Video: Flat Flexible OLED Screen Survives Hammer Pounding

What happens when you smash a super-thin OLED display with a hammer? Last week, Wilson and I learned all about OLEDs, but after our factory tour we were left with that one nagging question. Lucky for us, mystery solved, as UDC has the answer courtesy of this video demonstration. Personally, I'd like to see this test… »12/03/07 1:00pm12/03/07 1:00pm

Get This S2 Hammer, and Everything Will Start Looking Like a Nail

Just when we were thinking the hammer had already been perfected, ATOMdesign steps in with this S2 Hammer, designed with a split head that reduces the shock to the hands and arms of the poor sucker who has to bang on stuff with it all day long. He-man hammer beta testers say this beast can drive a nail to the hilt… »7/25/07 1:09pm7/25/07 1:09pm

Hammer Storage's 2TB Network Drives Are Big Like a Large Object

This Hammer (don't...) Storage myshare NAS seems to be one of the few home and small business units to offer up to 2TB of storage. The unit itself takes 2 hard disks to form anywhere between 320GB and 2TB of storage, with an extra USB expansion port in the back for printers or even more space. Best of all, the NAS has… »3/22/07 5:01pm3/22/07 5:01pm