Video: Turning a nail into a tiny sword looks like a lot of silly fun

You could hammer a nail into a wall or something but why not hammer a nail and turn it into a tiny sword? That's right. It's a completely silly exercise that could also be a half-commentary on creating useless objects but it also looks like a lot of fun to actually do too. Plus, it makes for a nice drink stirrer. »11/25/14 8:32pm11/25/14 8:32pm


Find Your Fortune With Thor's Metal-Detecting Mjölnir Hammer

There's apparently one aspect of Thor's uber-powerful Mjölnir hammer that wasn't touched on in the Thor movie or The Avengers: It works as some kind of ancient intergalactic metal detector. That's right. When he's not battling giant robots or his brother Loki, Thor can apparently be found wandering the beach, … »8/14/13 10:23am8/14/13 10:23am