MC Hammer Takes Time from His Busy Schedule to Play with Microsoft Surface

MC Hammer was out of commission for a while there but he appears to be back in big way. First we saw him in a full-on parody for Monday Night Football, and now he has been spotted enjoying the Microsoft Surface »9/11/08 6:40pm9/11/08 6:40pm at the TechCrunch 50 conference. If I were the one wearing Hammer Pants in the '80s, I would try to avoid…

Exclusive Video: Flat Flexible OLED Screen Survives Hammer Pounding

What happens when you smash a super-thin OLED display with a hammer? Last week, Wilson and I learned all about OLEDs, but after our factory tour we were left with that one nagging question. Lucky for us, mystery solved, as UDC has the answer courtesy of this video demonstration. Personally, I'd like to see this test… »12/03/07 1:00pm12/03/07 1:00pm