Plastic Hammock Concept Kinda Negates the Whole Point of Garden Swingers

This concept design for a hammock is very admirable, but it fails on many levels. One, it takes away the enjoyment of watching people wrestle unsexily with a bunch of string puporting to be a bed. Two, I am not sure how keen I am on plastic parts (unless, of course, you're talking about Action Man, in which case, … » 12/19/07 6:38am 12/19/07 6:38am

Hammock Sofa: Bring Out the Swinger in You

This sofa hammock from a Franco-German design team called Bless is such a simple concept that it's a wonder it hasn't been done before. If you did have a sudden hammock-floor interface (tying the wrong knots, house a cardboard box, murderous other half, or simply too fat) then you would be nicely cushioned against… » 4/12/07 7:40am 4/12/07 7:40am