You: "I Love This Han Solo Coffin Coffee Table." Me: "I Know."

The latest episode of Super-Fan Builds just hit the internet and this time the lucky recipient is a member of the 501st, a group of Star Wars fans who build their own replica costumes and visit hospitals and other charitable events while dressed in character. If anyone deserves an amazing 'Han Solo frozen in… » 3/30/15 7:20pm Monday 7:20pm

Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Shower Curtain: Don't Worry, He Can't See

For those who love Star Wars so much they're willing to get really, really intimate with their collectibles, here's a Han Solo shower curtain depicting the hero frozen in carbonite so you can be completely naked next to your favorite character while you shower, and he won't see a thing. » 11/19/14 8:28am 11/19/14 8:28am

This Rug Encases Han Solo in Carbonite On Your Living Room Floor

Is your living room floor bare? Do you like optical illusions? Do you love Star Wars? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you'll definitely love this floor runner depicting Han Solo stuck in carbonate. » 4/11/14 5:40pm 4/11/14 5:40pm

Turn Any Door into Han Solo Stuck in Carbonite

You know you want this door decal of Han Solo stuck in carbonite. The 32-inch by 80-inch laminated graphic can be attached and reattached to both doors and walls and is specially designed to create that great 3D-like effect. It really does look like Han could climb right out of there, at least in the sample images. » 12/24/13 11:00am 12/24/13 11:00am

You can buy the real Han Solo DL-44 Blaster used in Star Wars

Do you want to buy a house or a piece of Star Wars history? Would you like a Ferrari or the DL-44 Blaster that Harrison Ford used? A college education or a toy gun? The answer is obvious right? It's Han Solo's DL-44 Blaster every time. The blaster pistol made famous by Han Solo is up for auction and it's expected to… » 12/03/13 12:11am 12/03/13 12:11am

NASA Probe Found Han Solo on Mercury's Surface

Not at all long ago, in our galaxy just two planets away, NASA's Messenger probe discovered what appears to be a raised human shape in the surface of Mercury—and it bears a striking resemblance to Star Wars' Han Solo. » 9/18/13 10:40am 9/18/13 10:40am

Somebody Needs to Make This Han Solo Refrigerator ASAP

Every once in a while, something comes along that's very impressive, incredibly cool and endlessly desirable. The only problem is that it's not real. Such is the case with this Photoshopped fridge adorned Han Solo frozen in carbonite. » 8/26/13 12:40pm 8/26/13 12:40pm

This Amazing Lego Recreation of Han Solo's Blaster Pistol Will Make You…

This Lego recreation of Han Solo's DL-44 heavy blaster is incredible. Right down to the wood-colored handle and the offset scope, it looks as authentic as a Lego-built blaster can without actually firing lasers. » 4/05/13 5:20pm 4/05/13 5:20pm

Star Wars Jason Derulo Dance Party Is What Kinect Was Born For

You'll never forget the first time you hear a Jason Derulo song, my old boxing trainer once told me. He was right. But he'd never anticipated this—the meeting of our civilization's two greatest cultural forces. Dancing Han Solo. » 4/02/12 6:20pm 4/02/12 6:20pm

George Lucas Now Says That Han NEVER Shot First As He Shoves Star Wars…

I hate history revisionists, but not as much as I hate George Lucas for making Han shoot last. Now, with Star Wars 3D coming, he's now saying that the scene modification wasn't a change. He claims that Han NEVER shot first: » 2/10/12 1:00pm 2/10/12 1:00pm

This Carbonite-Frozen Han Solo Is the Only Chocolate I Want This…

Here's the official Carbonite-Frozen Han Solo Chocolate Bar just because I love you. George Lucas has no shame. And sometimes I don't care. This 4.5-ounce dark chocolate measures six inches in length. For $12, Leia approves. [Think Geek] » 11/30/11 8:00pm 11/30/11 8:00pm

He's worth more to me as an ornament...

See Boba Fett, delivering Jabba just what he always wanted for the Christmas holiday: Captain Solo, encased in carbonite. The candy cane blaster rifle is slightly less than menacing, however. [Amazon via Oddee via Neatorama] » 12/19/10 11:00am 12/19/10 11:00am

What Does a Frozen Han Solo Pop Taste Like?

I think it would taste like a Flinstones pop, but that's just me. Like all Tee Fury shirts, it's available one day only, for $9. [TeeFury via Geekologie] » 3/22/10 10:46am 3/22/10 10:46am

A Secret Door, Hidden Room, and Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite

Any secret door wins me over instantly, but a secret door that reveals Han Solo frozen in carbonite? Wow. Just wow. And it only cost $150 to install. » 12/11/09 6:40pm 12/11/09 6:40pm

Han Solo Encased in Guacamole is a Delicious Twist on Star Wars

This gigantic bowl of guacamole is titled "He's no guac to me dead." It contains 50 avocadoes worth of guac and one happy Han Solo. » 2/13/09 1:00pm 2/13/09 1:00pm

Han Solo In Carbonite USB Drive Was Too Good To Last

This USB drive featuring Han Solo frozen in carbonite was so cool (cute? weird?) that it sold out in five days, apparently before we could even write about it. I am a fan of the cartoony style crafted by jasonscreations, likely without the permission of Big George. All I can say is, I hope Jason makes more of 'em.… » 11/23/08 9:06pm 11/23/08 9:06pm

Irony: Boba Fett Cast In Carbonite (Well, Bronze) For the Wanton…

An artist named Scott recently cast a Boba Fett PEZ dispenser in bronze using the lost-wax process, and ended up (I think accidentally) giving it a "battle scar" that would make George Lucas proud. It's haunting, seeing that lifeless helmet stare out at the world, moving only when the cruel and greedy snap back its… » 3/31/08 12:00pm 3/31/08 12:00pm

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Desk Reminds You That Someone Has it Worse

Hate doing your taxes? Balancing your checkbook? Grinding for loot in World of Warcraft? Just take a look at Han's face to know that someone has it even worse than you. As painful as it is to look through all your receipts from the last year, it's much worse to have all the cells in your body lowered to such a… » 2/22/08 2:20pm 2/22/08 2:20pm