Scientists Hack Cryptography Keys By Simply Touching a Laptop

It sounds like something out of an episode of Spooks: Researchers have discovered a way to use simple touch to decode the cryptography keys that are intended to secure your information. It's as easy as gauging the electric potential coursing through your computer while it's working. » 8/20/14 6:13pm 8/20/14 6:13pm

Amazing photo of severed hand surgically attached to an ankle

Medicine is amazing but sometimes it can look like the darkest corners of Stephen King's brain. This is exactly the case: Chinese doctors saved a man's severed hand by attaching it to his ankle, creating some impossible anatomy in the process. » 12/16/13 10:47am 12/16/13 10:47am

You Can Feel Your Hand Even When It's Not Your Hand And It's Invisible

Okay, so you know your hand? Five fingers. Assorted grasping and carrying shenanigans. Right. So it turns out that your brain is constantly using sensory information to check in and make sure it still knows what's your hand and what's not. And it can be fooled. » 4/14/13 4:45pm 4/14/13 4:45pm

This Robotic Finger Is More Sensitive Than Yours

Robots aren't known for their gentle touch and thoughtful caress, but that could all be about to change. A team of engineers has developed a robotic finger that's capable of detecting textures—and it's more sensitive than a human hand. » 6/19/12 9:00am 6/19/12 9:00am

Hardcore Gifts for the Winter Backpacker

For some people, weather means nothing; they have to get outside and into nature no matter what. Here's the thing, though: without the right gear, they will die out there. Here's some of the sweetest cold-weather camp gear around. » 12/15/11 9:20pm 12/15/11 9:20pm

Get the Thoughtfulness of Snail Mail With None of the Effort

Some folks can't embrace this digital world. They cling to snail mail and painstakingly write letters that most netizens don't have the attention span to read, never mind respond. Don't ignore these dinosaurs, use Snail Mail My Email instead. » 7/19/11 8:41pm 7/19/11 8:41pm

Prosthetic Hand Isn't Electric, But Performs Just Like It Is

I'd rather have a hook if I lost my hand in some sort of freak accident, but realize that's not exactly conducive to typing. Rather than chucking in the tech-blogging for piracy, Mark Stark's prosthetic hand is a worthy alternative. » 5/24/11 12:00pm 5/24/11 12:00pm

Hand-Cranked Machine Plays Catch with Itself

There's something that's oddly hypnotic about watching this hand-cranked machine slice, drop and catch these small spherical rare earth magnets one at a time. The little 5mm ball magnets start out as a connected string, and are continuously fed through the contraption in a loop. As the video goes on, you get to see… » 5/06/11 7:30am 5/06/11 7:30am

Oil Lamp Grenade: Because a Round-Base Flame Carrier is a Safe Idea

Don't lob this grenade, whatever you do—unless you're attempting insurance fraud and actually want your house burned down. Perfectly rounded, filled with oil, and then lit up. What could go wrong? Learn how to make one here: [Instructables] » 12/21/10 12:20pm 12/21/10 12:20pm

Somebody Buy This NASA Robot Hand Complete With Space Gloves

I wish I was so rich I could justify buying this NASA Omni-Hand I off eBay. Not only is it the first motorized dexterous robotic hand, it even comes with space gloves. Space gloves! Yours for $18,750. » 9/25/10 6:00pm 9/25/10 6:00pm

Robots Making Your Food

This sushi-making robot, along with the Okonomiyaki robot and the omelet robot, aren't new, but they are featured in this NYT story about chef robots to get you up to speed on machine-prepared cuisine. » 2/24/10 10:40pm 2/24/10 10:40pm

Wii Overkill Hand Cannon Is Dirty Harry Approved

When I think shooting stuff, I think Clint Eastwood, a guy who would never carry the Wii Zapper into a room full of zombies. But he'd love the Overkill Hand Cannon, punks. » 1/20/09 9:20am 1/20/09 9:20am

Clicking Kitchen Grip Puts a Mouse in Dinner the Good Way

Much of my kitchen is filled with hand-sewn potholders in which you can see the details down to the thread. But in the digital age, we prefer to see things down to the pixel. » 1/16/09 5:50pm 1/16/09 5:50pm

DIY Hand Gesture Multi-Touch Using a Webcam... and Magic

Andy Wilson » 11/08/08 11:00am 11/08/08 11:00am, from Microsoft Research, has created a pretty impressive new way to interact with your computer, using very basic equipment and some very smart software coding. He's managed to use a standard webcam ("like $30," he says) and custom software to get the cam to recognize the shapes and movement of only his…

Mgestyk Gesture Control System Will Make Your Mouse and Keyboard…

We've seen gesture controls » 11/06/08 7:00pm 11/06/08 7:00pm , but Mgestyk Technologies wants to bring them to your home PC. Using only a 3D camera and proprietary software, the Mgestyk gesture control system is able to capture small hand movements and translate them into commands. These commands can be applied to almost any windows application,…

MeisterGRIP Gives Robot Arm Controls To Your Palms

Who doesn't want the ability to control robotic arms? Especially when the robo-arms are mapped directly to contact points and grasping-force from your own five fingers. Even though this wonderfully named MiesterGRIP does indeed give you robo-arm control, don't expect to be lifting cars anytime soon since it appears… » 8/13/08 7:00am 8/13/08 7:00am

Sensopac Neural-Net Robot Hand May Be What Droids Will Shake Hands With

Robotic hands and arms may be getting more sophisticated, but they don't really rival what we think C3-PO would have poking out of his torso. That is until now: an European science team have been busy creating the Sensopac robotic limb, and it's arguably the most human-like robotic limb yet. And partly that's because… » 7/24/08 7:00am 7/24/08 7:00am

Microsoft Wearable Mouse Patent Should Be Named "The Surf N' Jerk"

Microsoft continues their quest to bring Minority Report to life with a recently published patent for a wearable mouse from 2006. Now you too can wave your hands around like Tom Cruise—jumping optional—to control the cursor on your computer screen. The mouse is placed around the palm and activated by making a fist.… » 4/17/08 1:13pm 4/17/08 1:13pm