It's a Cellphone Strap AND a Hand Warmer

Japan's just upped their arsenal in the cellphone strap cold war with the addition of a hand warmer pocket. The strap—which comes in egg, fish and baked potato flavors—holds one of those breakable 15-minute hand warmers for easy usage. Fifteen minutes isn't a whole damn lot, but fifteen minutes in heaven is better… » 11/24/08 8:20pm 11/24/08 8:20pm

USB Monkey Hand Warmer Is For Your Hands, Not A Monkey's

So many options to describe this product: "stick your hands up a (USB) monkey for warmth" or "cheat the chills with chimp USB mitts." I'm sure you can do better. It's a pair of monkey-shaped USB hand warmers, for when you're typing in the cold, or you're a sufferer of chilly hands. They get up to 46 degrees in just… » 11/18/08 10:45am 11/18/08 10:45am