Is It A GirlPurse? Is It A ManBag? No, Silly, It's an Urban Performer…

Hello, I'm a sexy lady who has been Swarovski-encrusted by my PR people in order to publicize something called the Urban Performer Unit. It's basically a handbag with a little pocket for your iPod which enables you to control your music from the outside of your bag. Nice idea, don't you think? There is, however, one… » 4/08/08 7:32am 4/08/08 7:32am

Multimedia Handbag: Now Bad Taste has a Receptacle

This is Bubble Gear's multimedia handbag, which consists of a "Scrag" (that's what I call a bag-screen hybrid) with built-in MP3 and DVD player. This bag is described as an "attention magnet"—thief magnet, more like—that will have people crowding round you as you sit in the mall watching the Teletubbies DVD bought by… » 4/23/07 7:01am 4/23/07 7:01am

Esquire Handbag Reacts to Ringing Cellphone

This one is for you, ladies (or purse-carrying men). The cellphone is placed within a small pocket inside the purse, upon receiving a phone call (via ringing or vibrating) the purse will recognize it and begin flashing its red LED and vibrating itself to ensure that you don't miss that call from your long lost lover.… » 12/27/06 12:24pm 12/27/06 12:24pm