Party-Pooping FDA Says Palm Pistol Definitely Not a 'Medical Device'

Yesterday the inventor of the Palm Pistol, intended primarily to allow arthritic old people to settle beefs, claimed it had been approved as a medical gadget by the FDA. On the matter, the FDA had this to say: "NO." » 12/09/08 7:27am 12/09/08 7:27am

Prescription Handguns For the Elderly and Disabled: This Won't End Well

Ohhh yes—be very afraid. Remember the Palm Pistol ergonomic handgun from a few months back? Well, you will be interested to know that it has been designated as a medical gadget by the FDA. » 12/03/08 1:10pm 12/03/08 1:10pm

BFG BBQ Shoots the Crap Out of Your Meatfest

We are not strangers to a crazy BBQ design or two, but this BFG BBQ—think Doom weapon, not friendly giant—takes the proverbial biscuit. Spotted on Flickr, and the work of an unknown Texan, the grill stands 19-feet long, has a 36" x 60" primary grill and a 12" x 36" secondary grill. The handle houses a fire box, while… » 1/23/08 6:34am 1/23/08 6:34am