Teachermate Handheld Educational Computer Costs $50, Launches in Chicago

Innovations for Learning just announced a blue GameBoy-like handheld computer designed for schools. It's got directional buttons, a few face buttons, a 2.5-inch LCD, USB sync, SD card storage, AC/USB charging, and a 3.5-hour battery life. Inside the teachermate is a "complete reading and math curriculum that is… »3/13/08 1:30pm3/13/08 1:30pm

Be a Walking Wikipedia With the Handheld Looking Glass Computer

There's no better way to annoy your travel companions than to take something like this handheld-computer design wherever you go. Not only can you hold it up to buildings and get the address, history and architectural schematics (you know, for a heist), but it also supposedly hooks up with your personal organizer, a… »2/22/08 2:50pm2/22/08 2:50pm