Hands-Free GPS Device for the Blind Could Make You a Superhero

The Navigation aid for the Blind headset »10/08/08 11:07pm10/08/08 11:07pm is a GPS device, which not only works through speech recognition, but also uses obstacle detection technology that alerts the blind of any sleeping bums or other obstructions he could trip over as he is being guided to his destination. In 2003, we reported on a that led the…

Logitech's V550 Nano Wireless Mouse Docks With Your Laptop's Top

Many laptop users prefer mice instead of trackpads. The promise of the laptop is untethered portability, and in that spirit Logitech has a new wireless mouse that helps keep your busy hands free, attaching to a dock mounted on your laptop when not in use so you can more easily take it from place to place. The mouse… »8/13/08 4:00am8/13/08 4:00am

Hands-Free Law, Smands-Free Law: Distracting, Dangerous and Ridiculous Things You Can Still Do While Driving

The big day has now passed for California drivers and cellphones are effectively banned on the road. At least not without a hands-free device...which Californians will inevitably forget to charge or lose. Other states have this law, but California is the driving-while-talking state. California is regularly ranked the… »7/01/08 2:20pm7/01/08 2:20pm

Brando BTM-118 Bluetooth Headset Squeezes in FM Radio, Display

I kind of like the BTM-118 from Brando, with its weird fusion of Bluetooth headset and FM radio in one gizmo. Maybe because I use a similar clip-on headset (partly to avoid fashion geekiness.) I guess this might be useful if you're into radio but your cellphone doesn't do it: most ones with built-in radio use the… »6/03/08 9:35am6/03/08 9:35am