Two planes crazily fly through a hangar in an epic stunt

Holy. Crap. This is just madness. Watch as British pilots Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones fly through an airplane hangar in two different airplanes while zipping through the air at 185mph. That’s right, two planes flying side-by-side, separated by only a few feet, flew straight through a building. I mean, damn. »6/18/15 12:59pm6/18/15 12:59pm

Hangar 101 Casemod Inspired By the Lousy Star Trek Series. No, the Other One.

Inspired by the killed-just-as-it-was-getting-good series Enterprise, this casemod is probably the most orange thing we've seen this side of Half-Life 2. It features external hard disks, crazy paneling, custom acrylic, and hours and hours of time that would have been spent playing Dungeons and Dragons Online. »2/26/07 7:05pm2/26/07 7:05pm