The Hangman Television Mount Makes Suspending a Flat Screen Dead Simple

Why do flat screen wall-mounts have to be so damned complicated? They're a pain to set up and go askew the moment you even think about jiggling a cable. The Hangman system avoids these problems with two ingeniously interlocking aluminum bars. » 12/15/11 1:40am 12/15/11 1:40am

3D Hangman is F_c_ _ng M_rb_d

If traditional hangman wasn't morbid enough for you, kick the fun up a dimension with this 3D version. With each wrong guess, a magnetized limb is added until a fully-formed dead man swings from the gallows. A great way to teach kids about the gruesome consequences of being a poor speller. Available for $18. [iwoot » 11/15/07 5:40pm 11/15/07 5:40pm

Hanging Harry Light Pull Gives Your Room a Touch of Gloom

Most light pulls brighten up your room. Hanging Harry, on the other hand, darkens it up. The suicidal light pull comes with a limp, lifeless body and 6.5 feet of string/rope. It'll appeal to your morbid sense of humor (or make everyone think you're weird). It goes for $15, which is a lot cheaper than Prozac. » 6/06/07 1:00pm 6/06/07 1:00pm

iPod, Well-Hung with Hangman

The unfortunately named Hangman attaches to your iPod's universal dock connector on one end and a belt loop or anything else (a nipple piercing?) on the other. Plus, it helps manage that pesky wire, too, letting you unravel just the right amount, and then you can completely wrap it up around it when you're done.… » 12/12/06 9:25am 12/12/06 9:25am