Google's Fixing the Hangouts Hack With 'Biggest Software Update Ever'

Security researchers scared the shit out of Android users last week when they revealed a vulnerability that let hackers control your phone with a single text. In a session at Black Hat, Google’s Adrian Ludwig just explained exactly how it’s being fixed, calling it the biggest software update in history. He seems… » 8/05/15 2:50pm 8/05/15 2:50pm

Google Voice Is Finally Being Integrated Into Hangouts

Google Voice isn't quite dead (yet); it's finally being integrated into Hangouts, because God knows Hangouts needed to be even more confusing. You can enable Voice SMS and voicemail via a popup in the conversation list, so check the app. If you still don't see it, hang on. It's still rolling out. [Android Police] » 9/10/14 2:19am 9/10/14 2:19am