Hannspree Leather Purse TV Renders Us Confused, Somewhat Angry

Hannspree, a company that's no stranger to putting LCD screens in absurd places, has just pioneered a leather purse LCD TV. You read that right. Leather. Purse. LCD. TV. Purse. TV. LCD. Leather. TV. Purse. LCD. Purse. TV. Italian Leather. 9.6-inches. $259. You don't want one. [Hannspree via Shiny Shiny] » 3/10/08 1:24pm 3/10/08 1:24pm

HANNspree Releases 5 Cheap, 'Vista Certified' LCDs

HANNspree's computer display division, HANNS.G, announced five new LCD displays that are being touted as "Vista certified," whatever the hell that means. The big beauty is a 22-inch HW-223DPB that displays at 1680x1050 and has a nice 5ms response time and 1,000:1 contrast ratio. It has DVI inputs, but includes a DVI… » 5/11/07 6:00pm 5/11/07 6:00pm

HANNSpree HANNSFries TV Doesn't Promote Obesity At All

HANNSpree is known for making some pretty unique LCD TVs. They cover everything from fire trucks to elephants to baseballs and more, but this is a bold new step. The HANNSFries TV look like a pack of fries, and the accompanying remote control looks like a ketchup packet. I am glad HANNSpree finally created a fry TV.… » 3/26/07 12:00pm 3/26/07 12:00pm