An Astronaut On the ISS Will Control a New Type of Haptic Rover Here On Earth

This has been a year of haptics: From the widespread use of it in consumer electronics through the Apple Watch, to the boom in development of touchable interfaces. Soon, an astronaut aboard the ISS will attempt a major haptic experiment—by controlling a super-precise robot here on Earth using force feedback from… »8/28/15 1:04pm8/28/15 1:04pm

The Haptic Tech That Could Let You Touch The Person You're Skyping With

I was skeptical. Two cubes sat side-by-side, looking like stripped-down 3D printers. I sat in front of one as instructed, and reached my hand inside, toward a floating disembodied finger. Just at the moment I knew I’d stab through the illusion, I had the ultimate “E.T. phone home” moment—I swear I could feel the other… »8/12/15 4:20pm8/12/15 4:20pm

Bio-Acoustics, Haptic Steering Wheels, RFID Everywhere: This is the Future According to AT&T

For most, AT&T is simply seen as the company that delivers phone and internet and TV service to the masses. But they also have a full-fledged R&D program, which spans multiple countries. Today they offered a glimpse into the fruits of those AT&T labs, with innovations ranging from clever to "OMG I WANT THIS NOW."… »4/19/12 7:38pm4/19/12 7:38pm

Oh My God There Are Real, Functioning Smartphones That Can Make You Think You're Touching Grass and Rocks

There has been talk of the years of haptics technologies which would allow us to move our hand over a glass touchscreen and be tricked into thinking we were touching a fuzzy material, or some rough surface. But that was all R&D talk. At Mobile World Congress this year, however, AllThingsD found a pair of companies who… »3/01/12 3:40pm3/01/12 3:40pm

Immersion's New Haptic Touchscreen Tech Encourages Corny iPhone Romance

Haptic technology has the possibility to make touchscreens so much better, improving accuracy and adding a whole new range of sensory feedback. Immersion, primary developers of haptic technology, presented both a refined onscreen keyboard and an incredibly cheesy "Immersive Messaging" protocol at this year's All… »5/27/09 11:30pm5/27/09 11:30pm

Ultrasound Haptic Devices Can Project Tactile Shapes Into Thin Air

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have demonstrated a device that can create touchable, creepily invisible floating "objects" using focused ultrasound waves. Though the technology is in the early testing stages, its designers have already expressed an interest in weaponi- I mean, commercializing »9/02/08 8:20pm9/02/08 8:20pm it for possible…

Cowon P5 Portable Media Player Has 5-inch Touchscreen, Haptics, Usual Cowon Goodness

Cowon's upcoming P5 will improve on their A3 »7/24/08 2:51pm7/24/08 2:51pm and portable media players (which we've both reviewed) with the addition of a haptics touch-feedback feature. The rest is fairly similar: a 800x480 screen, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth, TV-out, stereo speakers, USB, extreme codec support and 40GB-80GB sizes. There will still…

Keyboard Haptics Mod Turns Shrill PC Speaker Into Soothing Vibration

Modder and frequent terminal user Matt was getting mighty tired of his piercing PC speaker going off with every typo, so he rigged up a nifty DIY haptics setup using a Microsoft keyboard and an old cellphone vibrator triggered by the scroll lock LED. Unless you're playing Oregon Trail in your elementary school's… »7/09/08 12:00pm7/09/08 12:00pm

Motorola Blaze Adds Another Touch Screen Handset to the Pile

The Boy Genius Report has a first look at Motorola's answer to the "Touch Screen Wars," called the Blaze. From the looks of the branding, this touchy-feely handset is coming to Verizon, complete with a special Verizon-only operating system. BGR says the touch screen is decent, and the mobile browser is "OK," but… »6/28/08 5:49pm6/28/08 5:49pm

Could I Have a Match? Try Vibrators and Nintendo Wiimotes

Remember when it was cool to joke about how the vibrating Wii remote looked, felt and behaved pretty much like a vibrator? No? Well, too bad, because it turns out that the two were more similar than the light-hearted humor suggested. In fact, both tools of pleasure employ technology built from a patent from the same… »5/11/08 5:00pm5/11/08 5:00pm