When the Donald Trump Facebook Superweapon Targets You

As of this Thursday morning, there were 112,096 members of “Donald Trump For President 2016!!!!!!,” a Facebook group that functions as a forum for white grief and racially charged meme pics. You’d better hope they don’t ever find a reason to dislike you, because they will make your life very shitty very fast—which is…

Nintendo Employee 'Terminated' After Smear Campaign Over Censorship, Company Denies Harassment Was Factor [UPDATED]

Nintendo employee Alison Rapp, who’s been a target of harassment over censorship controversies in recent months, said on Twitter that she has been fired. “Today, the decision was made,” she wrote. “I am no longer a good, safe representative of Nintendo, and my employment has been terminated.”

Reddit Removes "FatPeopleHate," "CoonTown" Still Cool Though

Reddit, a 10-year-old internet community with 3.3 million users, somehow just got around to announcing an anti-harassment policy last month. Now the site, which usually leaves moderation decisions up to the community, has taken its first stab at banning pernicious subreddits under the new rules. Five subreddits have…