Hitachi Drops Acid, Explains Terabyte Hard Drives In Crazy Cartoon

It's always great when companies break out of their stodgy PR molds and just go for it—remember those fantastic tokusatsu Norton Fighter ads? Here we have Hitachi, no strangers to the out-of-the-box viral video, ushering us all into the "Tera Era," a magical wonderland of smiling flowers, talking bytes, hard disk… »7/22/08 11:20am7/22/08 11:20am

Micron's Future Concept of SSD is RAM-Module Like

In addition to Micron's traditional solid state drives announced today, they also showed off a concept for a SSD module that resembles RAM in physical design and would fit into a similarly designed port. It's obvious but genius: while the SSD drives with SATA interfaces are terrific because they can be used in current… »11/28/07 3:37pm11/28/07 3:37pm