Harman Kardon SoHo Headphones: Same Great Sound, New Portable Package

Last year's Harman Kardon CL headphones were absolute knockouts: A beautiful minimal design plus nearly perfectly clear sound, all for the totally reasonable list price of $200. With the new SoHo headphones, HK hopes to revise that success in a more portable package, while retaining the sound that made them a smash… »9/05/13 3:00am9/05/13 3:00am

Harman Kardon BT and AE Headphones: Minimal Naming Matches Minimal Aesthetics

This morning Harman Kardon unveiled a new line of over-the-ear and in-ear headphones with inline remotes and mics designed for use with the iPhone and iPods. In fact, the headphones are not only functionally compatible, but with gently curved boxy designs and aluminum finishes, they're aesthetically compatible too. »6/12/12 10:00am6/12/12 10:00am

Harman Kardon Experimenting with Disco Finishes for its TVs

This glittery little number caught my eye in the Harman Kardon tent. The US manufacturer has been experimenting with different finishes for its TVs and, at first glance it looks a bit Swarovski Whore, but when you get closer, Ooh! Zowie La-La, it's a mix of blue beads and jet drops (less offensive than it sounds.) And… »9/02/07 12:00pm9/02/07 12:00pm