Harmon Kardon DVC600 Home Theater/Blu-ray Center Records 8…

Sneaking into the future and concept area of Harmon Kardon's booth, we had a quick eyes-on with their DVC600 media center. Running their Unix-based home theater software, the DVC600 can record up to eight simultaneous HD shows. While we don't have a full spec rundown, we also know it will allow for recording and… » 9/02/07 12:05pm 9/02/07 12:05pm

Harmon Kardon Receivers Include 'The Bridge' to the 21st Century

Harmon Kardon brings its receivers into the 21st century with a group of four HDMI equipped and iPod-friendly systems. The higher-end AVR 347 ($999) and AVR 247 ($549) are packing 7.1 sound, while the lower priced at AVR 147 ($449) and AVR 146 ($349) crank out 5.1 sound and less power. » 1/31/07 1:30pm 1/31/07 1:30pm