Welcome to the Bedroom of the Future

In sci-fi movies, people of the future live in impossibly futuristic houses full of screens and robots and dreams. We see them wake up as an automatic curtain opens, and they saunter over to a closet where their clothes move on a conveyor belt. It's a real world facsimile of a Jetsons episode. But it's not the real… » 5/06/14 3:26pm 5/06/14 3:26pm

The Bridge IIIP Swirls Your iPhone With Your Home Theater

So you've got a ton of your favorite music on your iPhone, but no AirPlay speakers. You want to lie back on the couch and enjoy some Keri Hilson. I feel you. The Bridge IIIP makes your iPhone A/V family. » 5/12/11 6:20pm 5/12/11 6:20pm

Harmon Kardon DVC600 Home Theater/Blu-ray Center Records 8 Simultaneous…

Sneaking into the future and concept area of Harmon Kardon's booth, we had a quick eyes-on with their DVC600 media center. Running their Unix-based home theater software, the DVC600 can record up to eight simultaneous HD shows. While we don't have a full spec rundown, we also know it will allow for recording and… » 9/02/07 12:05pm 9/02/07 12:05pm

Harman Kardon Guide+Play: First Video

A few months ago, Harmon Kardon announced » 3/10/07 10:00am 3/10/07 10:00am their new Guide+Play GPS/PMP, and thanks to one dedicated dealer (of Harmon Kardon products, people) a video has been uploaded for all to see. I like the interface, and especially enjoy the inherent navigational music video that starts whenever you flip from music to map…

Harmon Kardon Receivers Include 'The Bridge' to the 21st Century

Harmon Kardon brings its receivers into the 21st century with a group of four HDMI equipped and iPod-friendly systems. The higher-end AVR 347 ($999) and AVR 247 ($549) are packing 7.1 sound, while the lower priced at AVR 147 ($449) and AVR 146 ($349) crank out 5.1 sound and less power. » 1/31/07 1:30pm 1/31/07 1:30pm

JBL Gets Jiggy With Speaker Design, Headphones

Harmon Kardon/JBL is getting out on the edge with some in-your-face design, introducing two powered speaker systems, an iPod boombox, and its first line of headphones. The most striking of the designs were the JBL spyro speakers (upper left), substituting boxy old satellites with floweresque forms along with a… » 9/01/06 9:36am 9/01/06 9:36am