Logitech Unveils New Entry-Level Harmony 510 Universal Remote

Logitech has quietly released a new entry-level universal remote, the Harmony 510, for $100. Looking quite similar to the Harmony 550, it offers basically the same features as the rest of the Harmony 500 with a slightly different button layout and a lower price. You should be able to find this online for less than the… »10/06/08 3:18pm10/06/08 3:18pm

Logitech Harmony One IR Remote Is Easy-Grip Capacitive-Touch Couch Buddy

Logitech's first new universal remote in a year, the $250 Harmony One, marries the sleek handheld grippiness of its skinnier Harmony models with the power of its $500 bad-ass, the Harmony 1000.

The Goods: The capacitive-touch 2.2" color screen is designed to respond quickly and accurately to your taps, while the… »1/05/08 4:00pm1/05/08 4:00pm