Lawsuit Filed Against Apple and Book Publishers Over Illegal Ebook…

Anything's possible when people club together—just look at the UK riots as a really bad example of that. Class-action law firm Hagens Berman's seeking more plaintiffs for its lawsuit against Apple and five publishers over illegal ebook price-fixing. » 8/10/11 11:28am 8/10/11 11:28am

HarperCollins Forcing Libraries To Re-Buy Ebooks After 26 Checkouts

C'mon HarperCollins. C'mon. We know that books aren't flying off shelves like they used to, but you're not helping matters with policies like this—setting your ebooks to lock up after 26 rentals and forcing libraries to buy a new copy to keep them on shelves. Ugh. » 3/04/11 12:20pm 3/04/11 12:20pm

Get Ready for More Expensive Kindle Books From HarperCollins and Simon…

Publishers HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster have signed a deal with Amazon to follow the agency pricing model for their books—the same deal publishers have with Apple for the iBookstore—allowing the two publishers to set their own books prices. » 3/31/10 7:36pm 3/31/10 7:36pm

Another Blow in the Great Amazon/Apple Publishing War: HarperCollins

During media megaconglomorate News Corp's earnings call—which owns publisher HarperCollins—the Dark Lord Rupert Murdoch reveals, "We don't like the Amazon model of $9.99….we think it really devalues books and hurts all the retailers of hardcover books." Ruh roh. » 2/02/10 5:56pm 2/02/10 5:56pm

iPad Could Be Sold Without iBooks In Non-US Countries At Launch

Bad luck, non-US countries. iBooks won't be available from launch in any country other than the US. That could mean Apple's still to finesse the licensing details with book publishers in each country, or you're just plain out of luck. » 1/28/10 6:24am 1/28/10 6:24am

Rumor: Ebooks for Apple Tablet, From Harper Collins

According to the WSJ, HarperCollins Publishers is in talks with Apple about providing ebooks for Apple's tablet. It's speculated that ebook markets such as Amazon's would seriously suffer if such an arrangement were finalized. » 1/18/10 7:11pm 1/18/10 7:11pm