PC World Editor-In Chief Harry McCracken Moving On

PC World Editor-in-Chief Harry McCracken announced in a blog entry today that he will be stepping down in June to build his own tech site from scratch. McCracken gained notoriety last May, after temporarily resigning due to the publisher's pressure to kill an anti-Apple piece. Giz wishes Harry the best of luck in the… » 5/12/08 6:19pm 5/12/08 6:19pm

PC World Editor Harry McCracken Returns Victorious

In an interesting reversal, departed PC World Editor Harry McCracken has returned to the magazine as "vice-president, editor in chief" as of this morning. What's even more surprising is that CEO Colin Crawford has been dropped from the CEO position and is taking up the executive vice president, online position. He's… » 5/09/07 7:20pm 5/09/07 7:20pm

PC World Publishes Tame "10 Things We Hate About Apple" Story

Everyone was talking late last week about Harry McCracken and his resignation from PC World due to a breach of the editorial/advertising wall. The story, in short, was that Harry wanted to run something called "10 Things We Hate About Apple", and the CEO didn't, because of possibly upsetting advertisers (namely,… » 5/07/07 9:30pm 5/07/07 9:30pm

Incorruptible Editor McCracken Resigns from PC World

In case you weren't aware from coverage at our sister sites Valleywag and Gawker, PC World Editor in Chief Harry McCracken has resigned. The reason he resigned—the company's CEO killing a story entitled "Ten Things We Hate About Apple"—shows how the magazine's editorial is fighting hard to keep its integrity, and that… » 5/03/07 6:21pm 5/03/07 6:21pm

PC World Germany's $26K PC From Hell...Part Two

When I think of PC World, I think of them as solid, if not a little pale, lab rats of computer review. Harry McCracken, Editor, blogs about his German counterparts, at PC Welt. As you can tell from this pet project $26k PC of theirs, the Höllenmaschine II, PC Welt is a little bit more about metal, S&M, and Hasselhoff.… » 3/13/07 9:17pm 3/13/07 9:17pm