Klaatu Varata Studios Produces Steampunk Creations With Back Stories

For those of you who enjoy steampunk, story telling and handmade creations, I present to you Klaatu Varata Studios, the workshop of Arkansas artist Dillon Chandler. Check out his Solarian Ray Gun or the Geldar Light Infantry Robot, both of which come with the back story of the Kelevion Universe and the civil war… »8/02/08 8:15pm8/02/08 8:15pm

NZXT's Aluminum Khaos Case Is Curved Like Battlestar's Number Six

NZXT's been making slightly expensive gaming cases for a while, but their latest full tower Khaos case looks very nice. It's got dual power supply support, 2-3mm aluminum build, a total of 7 fan slots and a price of $399. Did we mention that it looks nice? This case alone costs more than some fully-built computers,… »6/10/08 8:45pm6/10/08 8:45pm

Cannondale Bicycles May Get iPod Dock Upgrade + Stat Tracking

Cannondale bikes hired a design firm to render up some possible future features on their rides, one of which is a very interesting one called MetroPolite that has an iPod connector. An iPod seems like the last thing you want to be shoving into your ears when you're riding in a Metro area, seeing as bikes lose to cars… »6/03/08 8:00pm6/03/08 8:00pm