Hasselblad's Ridiculously Expensive Mirrorless Camera At Least Looks the Part (UPDATED)

Hasselblad, a company known mostly for making professional medium-format film and digital cameras, announced its plans to release a small mirrorless camera meant to bring the coveted Hasselblad name to a broader market. The project is dubbed "Lunar," possibly because it costs as much as a moon rock. »9/18/12 9:48am9/18/12 9:48am

Hasselblad Could Make Cheaper Cameras For You and Me, Thanks to Owners' New Direction

Some fancy Swiss/Germany capital fund has bought the Hasselblad company, and has big plans for its future—namely, that they want to open it up to new markets, most likely with cheaper ranges us civilians can afford. As CrunchGear says, this could be a simple rebadge of another company's point-and-shoots, similar to… »7/05/11 4:20am7/05/11 4:20am

Brush Up On Your Space Photography With NASA's Astronaut's Photography Manual

Those lucky few who've already booked tickets aboard the Virgin Galactic space-flight might be able to take a pretty photo of a flower, but what about something...higher up? Hasselblad's uploaded its old NASA astronaut's photography manual to its site, which is a valuable tome in learning how to use the Hasselblad… »3/21/11 7:40am3/21/11 7:40am

Hasselblad H3DII-50 has 50-Megapixel Sensor, Double the Largest 35mm Sensor

The new H3DII-50 from Hasselblad packs in Kodak's 50-megapixel sensor. This measures 36mm x 48mm, and is thus double the size of the largest 35mm DSLR sensors, and even more than double the sensors used in low-mid range DSLRs. The sheer size of the sensor means it takes about 1.1 seconds per frame, but clearly you're… »7/08/08 6:20am7/08/08 6:20am