The Kickass Processors That Will Power Your Next Computer

Bits and pieces of info about Intel's brand new 4th generation processors have been dripping out for months now. Good graphics, crazy battery life. Exciting stuff. Finally, though, we've got a full view of guts that'll power most of next year's computers, and they'll be available starting June 4th. The future looks… »6/01/13 10:01am6/01/13 10:01am

Intel's Next-Gen Haswell Chipset Will Have 2X More GPU Power Than Ivy Bridge

Intel's next-generation laptop chipset (Codename: Haswell) isn't set to come out until next year, but when it does, AnandTech says the 3D-transistor-based hardware will offer twice the GPU performance as Ivy Bridge, and when idle, will consume 20x less power than Sandy Bridge. Excited yet? [AnandTech] »9/11/12 1:06pm9/11/12 1:06pm