The Real Reason You Won't See Osama Death Pix: Princess Beatrice's Hat

All the world may want a peek at the Osama bin Laden execution photos, but sorry, sickies — you'll just have to settle for a second-hand account from Sen. James Inhofe and his Cryptkeeper-like attention to gruesome detail. But nowhere in the reams of analysis of the president's decision to withhold the pictures did… »5/13/11 4:40am5/13/11 4:40am

Avi's Yarmulke Version 2.0: Now With Scrolling LEDs

The last time we caught up with tech analyst Avi Greengart, he sported a yarmulke emblazoned with crocheted gadgets. Now he's put his money where his mouth keppe is and made his newest yarmulke a gadget itself. It is loaded with LEDs that scroll his name—and presumably messages to the man upstairs, or anything else he… »6/26/08 4:20pm6/26/08 4:20pm