Setting a fedora hat on fire is apparently one of the steps to make it

It's extremely peaceful to watch someone focus in and make something with their bare hands. The process is always beautiful, taking materials such as the beaver felt fabric and molding it into something usable, like a hat. It's almost like seeing art. I don't know why you have set it on fire but it sure looks cool. »7/31/14 9:51pm7/31/14 9:51pm

A Transformers Trucker Hat Mask Is the Easiest Halloween Costume

The general rule of thumb is that the older you get, the simpler your Halloween costume becomes. And with yet another Transformers movie hitting theaters this summer, there's no doubt these Optimus Prime and Megatron-themed trucker hats, complete with masks that unfurl, will be a popular choice this October. »6/03/14 2:00pm6/03/14 2:00pm

Would You Wear This Air Conditioning Hat if It Actually Worked?

As the summer creeps closer and closer and you start preparing for the warmer weather, would you seriously consider wearing a hat with a tiny built-in air conditioner if it actually kept you comfortable? The Cool Smile might look similar to the fan-equipped cap you wore as a kid, but instead of spinning blades it… »6/12/13 2:30pm6/12/13 2:30pm

New Era Introduces Caps Celebrating Your 8-Bit Heros

New Era is traditionally known for its hats featuring logos of professional sports teams. But starting in Japan the company is introducing a Super Mario Bros. line featuring characters from the well-loved games represented as 8-bit sprites. Everyone from Mario, to Luigi, to Koopa is represented, in caps ranging in… »4/16/13 12:20pm4/16/13 12:20pm

This Hat Will Never Lose Its Shape Because It Cannot Be Crushed

The Crushable Baseball Cap is designed to hold its shape no matter where you put it, cram it, fold it, crush it and so forth. Any amount of abuse and it's still going to look like a baseball cap. If you've tried to pack your hats before, you'd know how deformed, dented and even demented those hats can get after a long… »9/25/12 8:30pm9/25/12 8:30pm

Avi's Yarmulke Version 2.0: Now With Scrolling LEDs

The last time we caught up with tech analyst Avi Greengart, he sported a yarmulke emblazoned with crocheted gadgets. Now he's put his money where his mouth keppe is and made his newest yarmulke a gadget itself. It is loaded with LEDs that scroll his name—and presumably messages to the man upstairs, or anything else he… »6/26/08 4:20pm6/26/08 4:20pm

Official Indiana Jones Fedora Available Now For Nerds Everywhere

The reason that the official Indiana Jones Fedora is available on Think Geek is that only geeks think that they can pull off wearing a fedora in the year 2008. The only fedora you (us) nerds should stick to is Red Hat's version, leaving Indiana Jones' to the still handsome but greying Harrison Ford. If you really do… »5/14/08 6:00pm5/14/08 6:00pm