Hava Finally Goes Outside Windows But Only To Symbian

Monsoon Multimedia, makers of Hava the other place shifter, have announced they are bringing Hava Mobile Player to S60 devices. The announcement comes Tomorrow at the S60 Summit in Barcelona, where the free app which gives S60 mobiles the ability to watch and control their Hava boxes will be demonstrated. As of now,… » 5/27/08 9:50am 5/27/08 9:50am

Monsoon Hava Titanium HD (Verdict: Some Nice Features, But Not a Sling Killer)

The Good: The Hava Titanum HD has component HD support and Wi-Fi via USB dongle out of the box (a must for my Home Theater Setup, where the router is in another room). As a point of comparison, the Sling Pro requires a $50 attachment for HD support and can only communicate wirelessly via power lines. The Hava also… » 11/09/07 9:22pm 11/09/07 9:22pm

Hava Place Shifter Reviewed (Verdict: Ain't No Slingbox)

Dave Zatz, Slingbox fan, tested out the Hava location shifter and confirmed our earlier thoughts that it didn't quite measure up to the Slingbox. The Hava does come with WiFi and live stream recording abilities, but its software was limited, there was no Mac support, and it had trouble with streaming over EV-DO. » 12/20/06 4:00pm 12/20/06 4:00pm

Monsoon HAVA Reviewed: Not a Slingbox Killer

Monsoon's HAVA video streamer managed to create a nice buzz when it was first announced at CES, thanks in part to its built-in wireless and ability to support muticasting (two features its main competitor, Slingbox, doesn't support). But now that the device is shipping and the smoke has cleared, it seems Slingbox has… » 11/30/06 6:13pm 11/30/06 6:13pm