Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Keyboards Cracked for Coworker Espionage

The crackers at Dreamlab have busted open the wireless encryption on Microsoft's Optical Desktops 1000 and 2000, as well as any others using the same simplistic scheme: There's only about 256 possible encryption keys, making it like pie to crack after sniffing a few tens of keystrokes. So easy, in their demo they nail… »12/03/07 5:00pm12/03/07 5:00pm

Playstation 3 Turned Into "Crackstation" for Super Hacking Goodness

Forget Folding@home and its feel-good applications. There are cooler things to be done, like cryptography cracking. Taking advantage of the Cell's vector architecture, a security consultant with has cooked up a way to to bust passwords open like bad Easter eggs really, really fast. His… »11/28/07 8:20pm11/28/07 8:20pm