Sarah Palin's Email Hackers' Sloppy Work Could Lead to Their Arrests

By now you've probably heard about how the super-duper 1337 h4ck3r5 from anonymous busted into one of Sarah Palin's private email accounts and posted the contents for the world to see »9/18/08 11:30am9/18/08 11:30am. Well, it looks like those h4ck3r5 aren't as 1337 as one might think, as they left themselves pretty wide open to get busted for what…

Hacker Pulls an Office Space, Steals $50,000 Worth of Pennies from Google, Paypal

In a move reminiscent of schemes seen in Office Space and Superman III, a hacker has exploited a loophole to weasel himself over $50,000 from services such as Google Checkout and Paypal by taking pennies at a time. Unfortunately, he was caught, and is in all likelihood heading to pound-me-in-the-ass prison. »5/28/08 3:10pm5/28/08 3:10pm