Best Buy Replaces Backordered $99 HD DVD Players With Newer Model

In a move so not Best Buy-like we had to double check, Best Buy is upgrading backordered Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD players to the newer and more expensive HD-A3 model. This stems from a total sellout at the $99 price point when Best Buy pricematched Wal-Mart's $99 pre-Black Friday deal with their own sub-$100 player. But… »11/05/07 8:30pm11/05/07 8:30pm

Best Buy Matching $99 Toshiba HD DVD Player at Walmart

The bloodbath has begun. Best buy is matching Walmart's $99 sale on Toshiba's low end HD-A2 HD DVD player. They're sold out online but local pickup might work for you. I can't help but wonder how much is lost on these players. If any, since they're heavily based on DVD tech. And what is Blu-ray going to do about this?… »11/01/07 3:21pm11/01/07 3:21pm

Dealzmodo: Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD Player For $197 + 5 Free Movies

You don't have to wait for Wal-Mart's $198 HD DVD player to be in stock, you can pick up the same deal at Circuit City online for the same price. All you need is $197.99 and you'll get a Toshiba HD-A2, which still qualifies for that five free HD DVD giveaway Toshiba's holding from now until they win the format wars.… »10/29/07 2:00pm10/29/07 2:00pm

$198 Wal-Mart Toshiba HD DVD Player Confirmed By Spy Shot

That rumor about a sub-$200 Wal-Mart HD-A2 HD DVD player from Toshiba seems like it's true, judging from this no-reason-to-be-blurry blurry shot of an end-cap at Wal-mart. It's not set to be sold until 11/03 and will be in the circulars for that week, and each store will get 18 units. The guy who posted this says it's… »10/25/07 7:30pm10/25/07 7:30pm