Samsung SC-HMX20C HD Camcorder Shoots 1080p Onto Flash Memory

The skinny: Samsung has figured out how to record 1080p onto flash memory with this SC-HMX20C camcorder. The 10.9-ounce shooter has 8GB of internal flash memory, and can output its sweet 30 frame-per-second video via USB or HDMI. And hey, it has a with its 2.7-inch touchscreen. The catch: We have no idea about… » 1/06/08 5:00pm 1/06/08 5:00pm

Sony Upgrades its HD Camcorders for Summer

Quiet as you like, Sony have snuck out a couple more HD-compatible camcorders, the SR8 and the SR5C without even a whisper. The SR8 looks like an upgraded version of the SR7 which is barely two months old, and the SR5 is now the SR5C. You want prices, shipping dates, more pics and just what these lovers are saying to… » 6/11/07 7:24am 6/11/07 7:24am

3-inch HD Camcorder: How Small is Too Small?

I'm all for portability, but when you're toting around an HD camcorder I'd like it to be big enough so that I'm not constantly worried about it slipping out of a hole in my pocket. No dice if the camcorder is this "MicroHDTV" from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. It's a mere 1.5 by 3 inches, which is just plain… » 2/02/07 1:15pm 2/02/07 1:15pm