Canon HG10 is World's Smallest Hard Disk-Based HD Camcorder

Canon jumped into the hard disk camcorder market today with its HG10, the company's first high-definition hard drive camcorder and the world's smallest, weighing 19.92 ounces with the battery inside. That 40GB hard disk gives you 5.5 hours of AVCHD recording at its highest quality setting, compressing the video at… »8/01/07 9:00am8/01/07 9:00am

Hardcore Testing Reveals Canon HV20 Is Best Consumer High-Def Camcorder

I feel a little bit guilty. The guys at, namely David Kender and John Neely, went to extreme measures to benchmark the four HD camcorders fighting for dominance in the very new consumer HD market. They wrote, like, over 10,000 words, and spent hours or possibly even days recording footage of the… »4/30/07 9:07pm4/30/07 9:07pm

JVC HD Everio GZ-HD7 Hard Drive Camcorder with 3 CCDs Due Next Month

We are just in lust around here over the JVC HD Everio GZ-HD7, a 3-CCD camcorder that was introduced at CES in January and is aimed at consumers but has lots of pro-level features. For starters, the GZ-HD7 uses a clever pixel shifting technique to deliver the full HD raster, 1920 by 1080i—that's not 1080p, granted,… »3/07/07 3:45pm3/07/07 3:45pm