New Toshiba HD DVD Recorders Also Write HD to Regular DVDs

Panasonic isn't the only one showing off high-def recording at CEATEC. Toshiba announced three new HD DVD recorders, including the new flagship Vardia RD-X7. All of them can convert MPEG-2 to AVCHD MPEG-4 on the fly, and can store high-def video on DVD-R (2 hrs) and single-layer HD DVD-R (6 hrs) discs. Pricing and… » 10/04/07 11:34am 10/04/07 11:34am

Toshiba RD-A600 Packs 600GB HDD and HD DVD Burner

Toshiba has unleashed two killer HD DVD players/recorders in Japan, the RD-A600 and the RD-A300. Both of them record to HD DVD-R and DVD media, but the A600 takes it one step further with its built-in 600GB hard drive. Each model comes with two tuners, HDMI, and FireWire (iLINK) ports. The A600 is going for about… » 6/12/07 8:25am 6/12/07 8:25am