Comcast Gives Away Free HDMI Cables (If You Ask)

A Comcast cable guy just told me that if you go to swap out your composite or component DVR/cable box for an HDMI-friendly one, and you specifically ask for an HDMI cable » 11/21/08 2:40pm 11/21/08 2:40pm, they'll give you one at no charge. It's not super long, but it should do the trick in most cases. Even if you don't need one, it never hurts to ask…

New Dish Network 722s HD DVR Has Built-In Slingbox and Slingcatcher

At their Team Summit Retailer Conference over the weekend, Dish Network pulled back the curtain on a new flavor their latest HD DVR, the 722s. It's got a built-in Slingbox, plus Clip + Sling and Slingcatcher functionality to boot. The pile of whip cream on that box of synergy awesomeness is a brand new HD UI; a… » 5/18/08 8:23pm 5/18/08 8:23pm