Alpine IDA-X100 iPod Headunit: Cool UI, Tags HD Radio Songs for iTunes Purchase

The Basics: Alpine's IDA-X100 is a foreign affair coming stateside in the spring. Not only does the 2.2-inch touchscreen mime the iPod's UI, but it has Bluetooth audio streaming, a USB port for memory stick audio playback, HD/Sat radio readiness, a "Tag and Sync" function that allows for keying of HD radio songs for… »12/31/07 11:40am12/31/07 11:40am

LG Tabletop HD Radio/iPod/CD System Is a Flash Gordon Space Football

During the LG CES sneak peek, we saw the PC12 Table Top Audio System, a sleek, extra shiny system with a lot packed inside its compact body. There's a "vacuum-loading" CD player, a hidden 30-pin iPod connector on top, and an HD Radio receiver buried within. A USB connection in the back lets you hook up MP3 players, or… »12/07/07 4:28pm12/07/07 4:28pm

Apple To Work With Polk, JBL, iBiquity on HD Radio Tagging System For iTunes

Apple is working with iPod dock makers JBL and Polk on a system that allows anything heard on an HD Radio/iPod dock system to be tagged and sent to an iPod, which will later be transferred to iTunes. Once on iTunes, a playlist is presented where users can purchase any tracks they heard while listening to HD Radio.… »9/06/07 8:24pm9/06/07 8:24pm

First Review of Sony's XDR-S3HD Tabletop HD Radio (Verdict: Damn You Knob!)

Sony's embracing HD radio, the digital twin of our existing FM band. And when their first, the

cherry-wood XDR-S3HD radio, switches from FM to HD, you can hear the difference in a very positive way through the twin ~3-inch papercone drivers. And the display comes alive with track and artist info. But that knob, oh,… »8/15/07 5:52pm8/15/07 5:52pm

Onkyo Debuts World's First XM, Sirius, HD Radio Tuner

We hit up Onkyo's press event in Jersey City this afternoon where in addition to its new line of uber-receivers and HTiBs, the company also quietly unleashed the world's first three-way radio tuner (it's the one on the bottom). The T-4555P is a radio lover's wet dream come true, with built-in tuners for Sirius Radio,… »4/24/07 3:25pm4/24/07 3:25pm

Radiosophy Brings HD Radio Prices Down with Budget Boombox

The last time we checked in on HD Radio, we weren't too impressed with the hardware or the pricing. Well, the guys at Radiosophy are trying to fix the latter with their new budget $119 HD100. The radio will have all the standard features of other models, like station presets, auto-scan, and an aux input, but it'll… »4/13/07 1:37pm4/13/07 1:37pm

Directed Electronics DMHD-1000 HD Radio Tuner For Your Current Car Radio

HD Radio isn't exactly Mr. Popular, but that can be attributed to the fact that people don't want to replace their car (where most radio listening takes place) radios. Directed Electronics' DMHD-1000 turns most factory or aftermarket radios into HD radios. One catch: it uses an FM modulator. Since part of HD Radio's… »2/13/07 12:31pm2/13/07 12:31pm