Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Gone In the Blink of an Eye…

In today's Remainders: disappearing acts. TigerText, a new iPhone app, makes your illicit text messages vanish; an official HTC video shows you how to disassemble an HD2; Intel's new Convertible Classroom netbook makes its keyboard go "Poof!" and more. » 3/02/10 5:00pm 3/02/10 5:00pm

Every Windows Mobile Phone Out Now Is Officially at the Evolutionary…

General Manager for Microsoft's Asia-Pacific Mobile Communications Business confirms it: There is no upgrading to Windows Phone 7, not even for the badass HD2. So! Every Windows Mobile phone out there's officially dead in the water. [APC Mag via Techmeme] » 3/01/10 9:23am 3/01/10 9:23am

HTC Touch HD2 Review: A Tragedy

Let's just get this out of the way: in terms of hardware, the Touch HD2 is the nicest phone in the world. It's ostentatiously huge and amazingly slim; it's business-savvy and utterly pornographic. But hardware like this deserves better. UPDATED » 11/09/09 3:30pm 11/09/09 3:30pm

T-Mobile UK Gets the HTC Touch HD2 November 9, Now What About the U.S?

Current rumors suggest the HD2 won't hit the States until early next-year, probably on T-Mobile. But now that T-Mo UK has locked-in November 9, will the uber WinMo 6.5 handset arrive sooner? Update: HD2 launch event in Taipei this week... » 11/02/09 8:15am 11/02/09 8:15am

Rumor: HTC HD2 Arriving on T-Mobile in the U.S?

HTC's HD2 is probably the most interesting WinMo 6.5 phone out there, but won't hit the U.S until early next year. Now a leaked image may indicate that the 4.3-inch multi-touch screen handset could arrive on T-Mobile. Take a look: » 10/14/09 8:20am 10/14/09 8:20am