HDCP Restrictions Rolled Back on New MacBooks

One part of the new MacBook experience that didn't exactly seem like much of an upgrade was the addition of HDCP » 11/26/08 5:28am 11/26/08 5:28am for the new DisplayPort video connector, which left users unable to watch iTunes DRMed video content—HD or SD—on non-HDCP compliant external displays. This morning Apple released an update to ease the pain:…

New MacBooks Have HDCP, Gives iTunes Purchases Less Freedom

High Definition Content Protection—the annoying DRM-y thing that's supposed to stop people from copying hi-def stuff as it travels over a card-display connector— has apparently, and unfortunately, come to Apple's MacBooks. HDCP is now included on new MacBooks to protect iTunes Store media, though it seems that only… » 11/18/08 12:30am 11/18/08 12:30am

Tributaries HXC5 Sends HDMI up to 164-feet "Virtually Loss Free"

The HXC5 HDMI-over-CAT-5 system is being billed as a simple "plug and play" solution for sending HDMI signals over large distances —164 feet (50 meters) to be exact. The manufacturer also claims that this signal is "virtually loss free." The device utilizes balanced/unbalanced signal processing to ensure full hi-def… » 11/19/07 4:30pm 11/19/07 4:30pm

Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cables: There's a Bridge I Want To Sell You, Too

Lindy is the latest company that's trying to convince consumers that gold-tipped, super-dee-dooper cables will not only deliver better video and audio quality, but they'll also cure your baldness, improve your skin complexion and give you the physique of an Ancient Greek statue. Their Premium Gold HDMI cables… » 9/19/06 4:44pm 9/19/06 4:44pm

Tul PowerColor X1600 Graphics Card, Now With HDMI

No, perhaps Tul isn't the first company to offer a graphics card with onboard HDMI (I seem to remember an earlier Sapphire card), but the more cards with HDMI support the merrier. Unfortunately, the PowerColor X1600 will also support HDCP copy protection. It's not unfortunate that it supports the copy protection, but… » 7/21/06 8:48am 7/21/06 8:48am

Acer Aspire 9800 to be Second Laptop to Eventually Have an HD DVD Drive

Acer took its place in line behind Toshiba to say it will release an HD DVD-packing laptop, the Aspire 9800. This is going to be one unusual notebook, with a whopping 20.1-inch 1680x1050 LCD. The thing is loaded for video of all types, including a 1.3-megapixel webcam, and both analog and digital TV tuners feeding… » 4/07/06 10:23am 4/07/06 10:23am