Oppo HM-31 Turns Three HDMI Signals Into One Without Clipping or Gypping

There's something about those initials HDMI that send some manufacturers into fits of greed, but not Oppo. The company that makes up-rezzing DVD players, two of which we've favorably reviewed, now announces an HDMI switch that turns three 1080p sources into one, electronically switching them with a remote control and… »9/28/07 8:53am9/28/07 8:53am

IOGear Automatic HDMI Switch, Instead of a Whole New Receiver

If you're thinking about dropping more than $1000 on a fancy new receiver just because it has four HDMI inputs, wait a doggone minute. This IOGear Automatic HDMI Switch has four HDMI ports going in and one going to your TV, and it's pretty smart, too, automatically figuring out which component is on and then sending… »7/30/07 12:51pm7/30/07 12:51pm